The BWG Health - OTS Technology

The BWG HEALTH - Optimal Technical Support (OTS®) Technology: A Revolution for Bioavailability


What exactly is the BWG HEALTH - OTS® Technology? 

The BWG HEALTH - Optimal Technical Support (OTS®) Technology comprises an innovative liposomal technology that ensures optimal absorption of sensitive active ingredients. 

By utilizing liposomal formulation, which involves encapsulating the active ingredient within a membrane made of a phospholipid bilayer, the active ingredient is protected from premature degradation by saliva or gastric acid. The cell membrane-like structure of the lipid envelope also promotes absorption of the active ingredient in the intestine. In contrast to conventional dietary supplements, where nutrient loss can be as high as 90%, the liposomal encapsulation significantly minimizes this loss. 

What are the benefits of liposomal dietary supplements? 

Considerably higher bioavailability compared to conventional dietary supplements. Due to higher bioavailability, a stronger effect can be achieved with less active ingredient. Protection by liposomes reduces the loss of active ingredient until it reaches the target tissue. Active ingredients that are normally poorly absorbed by the body due to their chemical nature can be more effectively delivered through liposomal technology. The phospholipids used in the liposomes resemble those in the human body, facilitating better absorption of nutrients through direct fusion with our cells. Products can be taken along with food thanks to the phospholipid coating. 

While we advance technological innovations, we do not forget our responsibility for environmental protection. We prefer environmentally friendly materials and production processes. For example, we use recyclable brown glass bottles for packaging our products, which not only protect our product ingredients from sunlight but also help reduce plastic consumption and protect the environment from pollution.