The BWG Health - OTS Technology

Liposomal technology is a revolution for bioavailability!

What exactly is the BWG Health - OTS technology?

BWG Health - Optimal Technical Support (OTS) is a liposomal technology that ensures optimal absorption of sensitive active ingredients.

The liposomal formulation, i.e. the embedding of the active ingredient in a membrane envelope consisting of a phospholipid bilayer, protects it from premature degradation by saliva or gastric acid.

In addition, the cell membrane-like structure of the lipid coat promotes liposomal absorption of the active ingredient in the intestine. While nutrient loss can be as high as 90% in conventional supplements, the loss is reduced to a minimum with a liposomal coating.

What are the advantages of liposomal supplements?

  • Several times higher bioavailability compared to conventional dietary supplements.

  • Due to the higher bioavailability, less active ingredient has to be used and still more effect is achieved.

  • By protecting the liposomes, there is less loss of active ingredient until it reaches the target tissue.

  • Active ingredients that are normally less well absorbed by the body due to their chemical nature can be better delivered to the body through liposomal technology.

  • The phospholipids are also found in the human body and are very similar. The liposomally packaged nutrients fuse directly with our cells and are thus far better absorbed.

  • The coating with the phospholipids also allows the products to be absorbed with food.

In addition, we have protected the high quality ingredients with dark amber glass bottles. This prevents the penetration of sunlight, ensures the quality of our products and saves plastic.