We develop our product in collaboration with doctors, professors, and nutrition experts. With their knowledge and experience, raw materials are selected and combined in an ideal composition. We also draw on knowledge from alternative healing methods to develop high-quality products under the BWG Health brand. 


But that's not enough for us. We use the latest technologies, including the OTS® Technology, to make our products even better. Almost all of our capsule products are treated with a liposomal technique, which increases bioavailability for the body by up to 90% compared to conventional products. 


We have also opted for a two-phase system, known as the "Bi-Phase System," for our BWG HEALTH Elements Complex, to protect the high-quality ingredients in powder form from nutrient loss. Powder and liquid are only combined shortly before ingestion. 


Even the live bacterial cultures are not just bacteria. They are bred in Germany and are even patented. Their effectiveness has been proven in studies. 


The Vitamin K2 (K2Vital®) in our BWG HEALTH Vitamin K2 and in our Multi Gums is also unique and patented. It is also successfully used in cases of Long Covid. 


There is something special in each of our BWG HEALTH products. Get to know our products and see for yourself the high-quality of our products. 


Because your needs are our drive!