Content : 50ml
Price : 37,90 € (758,0€/1l)

BWG HEALTH Vitamin D3 – high dose – 1700drops per bottle

Vitamin D3 belongs to the group of vitamins and is also called colecalciferol.

It is taken in with food as well as formed naturally in the body under the influence of sunlight.

One needs about 20 micrograms daily. From March to October, the body can produce this amount itself if about a quarter of the body surface is exposed to sunlight for five to twenty-five minutes. In winter, however, there is often a deficiency. Fatigue, listlessness, depression and illness can result.


High dose vitamin D3 5000 I.E = 5 day dose, This dose is ideal to maintain an optimal vitamin D level.

100% natural vitamin D3 from lanolin

High quality MCT oil from coconut

1700 drops per bottle

Guaranteed to be free of allergens, additives, colorings, flavors and stabilizers

Lactose free, gelatin free, gluten free as well as free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO free). Selected and strictly tested ingredients

Production: Made in Germany

Effect of vitamin D3

Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones

Contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function

Contributes to the maintenance of normal teeth

Contributes to normal absorption/utilization of calcium and phosphorus

Contributes to normal blood calcium levels

Contributes to normal immune system function

Contributes to the function in cell division


Directions: Take 1 drop every 5th day undiluted.

Ingredients: Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), MCT oil (MCT=medium chain triqlycerides).