About us

BWG Health - We love what we do

BWG Health is an exclusive line of BWG / Bodyworldgroup GmbH. For more than 20 years, BWG has offered an extensive and high-quality range of nutritional supplements for the sports and fitness industry.

With the BWG Health line we serve the increasing demand for healthier, safe and high quality nutritional supplements. We put a lot of emphasis on high-quality ingredients that nature provides us with - combined with new, innovative nutrients and processing methods.

Our mission is to develop products that can alleviate or even eliminate a physical problem. Old knowledge from alternative healing methods combined with the latest technology and the expertise of our cooperation partners, let great nutritional supplements emerge.

We recognize new trends at an early stage, so that we can offer you and our many other customers ready-made and individual solutions with the help of our constantly growing assortment.

We at BWG Health are a dedicated, qualified and ambitious team. We love what we do. And this is reflected in our products. Each product is created with a lot of passion, expertise and in collaboration with doctors and professors. Whether ampoules, capsules, liquids or gummy bears - every product of ours has been developed with love and care.

Whether it's a new development or a proven formula - our goal is always to be the best.

- Your need is our drive -