Quality management

Quality is our claim. To ensure product quality, our entire production is subject to an elaborate quality management system in cooperation with our partners. We are aware of our responsibility and do everything to ensure the highest possible safety of your products. From the selection of raw materials to the manufacture of each individual product.

Regular laboratory controls

The best food design is only created under the best conditions. This is ensured by BWG’s strict quality management system, which is based on the HACCP concept and ensures that each individual production stage is fully controlled and documented by our partners.

Starting with the laboratory testing of incoming raw materials, through the selection of foreign bodies and recipe mixing, to packaging and stock movement. Everything is backed up by multiple EDP systems. All batches can be traced via a central process control system.

Laboratory controls

Food safety and continuous improvement of the recipe are the goals of our partners and us in the area of quality. Regular quality controls check the safety of the raw materials of our food supplements.