About us

As a long-standing company in the global market, we distribute functional, health-promoting ingredients to many industries. These include dietary supplements, -food & beverages, -pharmaceutical accessories,-sports nutrition and the beauty industry.

From our headquarters in Essenbach, Germany, we and our partners in Europe and China, supply our customers both nationally and internationally with innovative and functional products.

For more than 20 years, BWG, Body World Group has been offering an extensive and high-quality range of products and raw materials for various industries. We source our ingredients through long-term partnerships and a worldwide supplier network. The focus of our thoughts and actions are the goals and wishes of our customers.

Our Team

We at BWG, Body World Group are a dedicated, qualified and ambitious team. We always strive to be the best and are passionate about the success of our products and ingredients.

BWG, Body World Group is distinguished by:

Our enthusiastic and experienced sales team to sell our products.
Our strategic product management and marketing team, who design product campaigns, transfer knowledge, and are responsible for the marketing and reporting of our products
Our function as an operational trading partner with efficient purchasing and quality management for price negotiations, contract design, future forecasts and order processing, we look forward to your inquiries

Our core values

With our team, we shape the future of food with a wealth of ideas, experience and know-how – and also exclusively develop high-quality and individual products for contemporary health-oriented nutrition.

Professional and laboratory-tested raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality for outstanding and high-quality products of the brand BWG

– Your needs are our drive –


Our quality promise

At BWG, Body World Group, quality management is a continuous process in which the customer is always at the center of everything we do. We strive to meet all customer expectations and to continuously improve in order to provide the highest quality products.

We offer our customers added value in terms of safety through the methods of our quality management system.

Laboratory controls

Best quality is only created under the best conditions. This is ensured by the strict BWG, Body World Group quality management system. Based on the HACCP concept, each individual production stage is completely controlled and documented by our partners.

Starting with the laboratory testing of incoming raw materials, through foreign body selection and recipe mixing, to packaging and stock movement.

At each stage of our supply chain, we have our partners perform internal and external quality assurance measures to ensure the highest quality of our food ingredients.

To achieve this, we ensure product quality by purchasing from approved manufacturers with appropriate and regular verifications, assessments and audits.

Our office in Essenbach and our global supplier network enable us to offer our customers the highest quality and attractive prices.

Recognized manufacturers

Our partners have to go through a verification process, e.g. raw material samples are tested by an independent laboratory before approval.

Regular audits

To meet our high quality standards, our manufacturers are selectively audited.

Food Supplements

Our company serves the growing demand for healthier, safer, high-quality foods through innovative and valuable ingredients.

Whether it is a new development or a proven formula, our goal is always to offer products of the highest quality.

We recognize new trends at an early stage in order to be able to offer ready-made and individual solutions to retailers as well as end consumers with the help of our constantly growing product range.


Cosmetic ingredients and cosmetic finished products are manufactured with high quality ingredients under strict conditions.

Nowadays, cosmetic components can be used both internally and externally to provide beauty from the outside and inside.

Access to ingredients for beauty and cosmetics

BWG Body World Group, through its strong partners, has a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, efficient and natural ingredients for oral and external use.

We always keep an eye on current trends and developments in order to offer you customized and high quality solutions in the field of cosmetics and body care.